Products & Services

Enabling our customers to deliver higher quality, more cost-effective Asset Management

Verico offers a variety of services and software products within Enterprise Asset Management, Asset Data Management and Soft ware Development. All have a key goal in common: enabling our customers to deliver higher quality, more cost-effective Asset Management. We focus on the very foundation of success in this area: Data Quality. According to a survey of top 15 North America EAM Hot Topics, #1 was "Master Data Management (Data Input, Integrity, Quality, Hierarchy, Mgmt, etc)" (Smarter Utilities Enabled by Today's Information Technology, KurMeta Group, 2008). These are the exact challenges we have helped our customers with for years.


Verico has developed a host of software modules, such as:

  • Asset Modelling Tools
  • Component/Equipment Search Tools
  • Asset Data Guide
  • Investment Planning
  • Data Quality Assurance Tools
  • KPI Plotting and Reporting
  • And more!

Verico has just launched the new Permitto solution

Take a look at the Permitto site to learn more about this great tool for electronic safety cards, asset access control and more.

Asset Data Modelling

Our experts can help you create good models for structuring and representation of complex technical infrastructure. A unified model eases the work towards high data quality.

Offline Asset Information and Apps on iPad/iPhone/Android devices

We produce interconnected PDF documents containing Asset Information from your data. We also develop Apps that interact with Google Maps, Inspection Reporting Apps, etc. Many exciting tools are coming!

Software Development

We do extensive software development related to EAM. We can help you to better utilize the information in your (ERP) systems, e.g. by adding modules that present and use your information in new and efficient ways.

Asset Data Acquisition

By means of our unique photography based data acquisition service, we make sure that you know exactly what equipment you have where. We take detailed photos of all available name plates, and through our optimized tools and processes we extract all the data you require from the name plates. We off er several levels of details with respect to the photos, and can deliver complete photo based documentation of your assets. This can e.g. save you many a field trip during planning work. We structure and prepare all this for inclusion into your ERP system, such as IFS or SAP.

Asset Documentation

With our Document Acquisition and Processing Tool (DAP) we can help you extract and quality check the valuable metadata from your asset documentation, identify duplicates and prepare for inclusion in your selected Document Management System.

Data Quality Assurance

We use our tools and processes to make sure that the correct data is gathered from the photo documentation, and we can e.g. also do cross checking to see that the information in your systems match. Several analysis and reporting processes can pinpoint irregularities in your asset data.

Asset Maintenance

Planning high data quality is the best foundation for the maintenance planning. We can help you set up a Preventive Maintenance plan with fewer different sub-plans, giving a more unified maintenance, while still taking individual requirements into account.