About us

About Verico

Services and products within Enterprise Asset Management 

In Verico we specialize in offering services and products within Enterprise Asset Management.  Our references within the Utility sector span industries like electric power generation and distribution, gas distribution and other utilities. The company project portfolio show that our strong multi disciplinary team has successfully completed demanding projects for Transmission System Operators (TSO) like Statnett SF (Norway) and TenneT BV (The Netherlands), and a number of regional utility companies in Norway. In addition to our unique photography based data acquisition and quality assurance service, we provide services within asset data modelling, asset documentation, software development and integration, project management and more.

Our key strenghts

We believe that one of our key strengths is that we have built up a strong and unique multi disciplinary team consisting of Maintance Engineers, Software Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Project Managers - all within one company. Our experience is that to successfully complete most of the projects we undertake, all of these disciplines are indeed involved and required.

Verico was established in 1999 and is located in Ipark, Stavanger, Norway.